TIP #1- Lowering
the thermostat by
as little as 1° F
typically reduces
your heating bill

First and foremost we do not perform "FREE" Home Energy Audits.  Most of us know by now nothing is free.  
Many other companies out there are claiming you will receive a "Free Home Energy Audit" - not true, you are
getting a sales pitch for other services and products and the cost of the "Free Home Energy Audit" are built in.
These free Home Energy Audits are
geared towards the products and services they sell.  The entire Home
Energy Audit is nothing more than a sales pitch.  These "free"
Home Energy Audits are not unbiased nor
completely honest - not surprisingly they will
find the areas your home is lacking in that just happens to be what
they sell.

If your Home Energy Audit does not include
BOTH a Blower Door Test and Infrared or Thermal Imaging
you should immediately be suspect.  Without
BOTH of these of these being performed there is truly no
way to truly access your home.

One clue is when they require that the person holding the purse strings or responsible for financial
decisions be present.

When they offer financing
as though they are doing you a favor - this should be a BIG RED FLAG, you cannot
spend your way into savings
paying interest rates on a loan.

Enough said about supposedly free Home Energy Audits - you get the picture.  If you still opt for the free Home
Energy Audit, than the caveat "Buyer Beware" holds true here.

Heating Oil prices are at a five year low, but none of us are naive enough to believe this will last, because they
will not.  The savings you are realizing with these lower heating costs now, should be put into home repairs that
will make your home more energy efficient when those heating oil costs go back to their higher prices which they
certainly will.  Homeowners have been given a reprieve, but that is all.  While heating fuel costs are lower, they
are still not cheap by any measure, therefore you should continue with those cost-saving measures to save on
heating costs.

Energy Audit Me definitely does not sell any products or services to our clients.  What we do is a complete Home
Energy Analysis basement to attic - exterior and interior, using state of the art equipment.  Our Home Energy
Audit is completely unbiased, since we have no skin in the game.  We inform our clients based on our
assessment, using our many years of experience and training along with a Blower Door test and Infrared
Imaging.  Most importantly we have been providing this service since 2004, we have many years of field
experience behind us vs. a one week course that provides others with a certificate stating someone is now a
Home Energy Auditor.  Beyond our actual field experience, we have continued to study, attend trainings and
conferences, seminars, etc.

We will present to the homeowner a report that prioritizes what their particular home needs to make your home
more energy efficient.  This report will specify the payback in years for each particular task.  Doing this allows the
homeowner to work down the list, working on the items that will save the most first.  We also do not recommend
that you finance the work that needs to be done.  How are you going to see savings when you are paying interest
on a loan?  We believe homeowners should spend within their means.  Everything does not need to be done at
once and it can be completed over a few years.  Additionally many of these tasks can be preformed by the
homeowner themselves and if not, you usually do not need a high priced specialist as most home contractors
can do what is needed.

Yes, home heating costs are way down now, but I think we all know that will not last.  Now is the time to purchase
your oil, but now is also the time to plan for much higher prices that will come once again, with a Home Energy
Audit.  Those of you with propane should not soon forget what happened last year with extremely high prices and

If you are
purchasing a home, you definitely should have a complete Home Energy Audit performed long
before the closing, just as you would a Home Inspection.  It is far better to know what you are getting into before
signing the documents.  This can give you leverage to have the home seller make price adjustments due to the
cost of work that must be performed to reduce excessively high heating costs.  Make sure the home seller
discloses the actual heating costs for at least the last two years.  Ask for their bills from their heating fuel supplier.

Two other groups that would be highly advised to have a Home Energy Audit performed by Energy Audit Me are
those that are even thinking about the
installation of a mini-split heat pump system.  These systems simply
do not work well in homes that are under insulated or have a lot of air leakage throughout the home.  Also those
thinking of installing
radiant heat have the same issues.  Do not wait until after these systems are installed to
find out why they are not working well.  Additionally if you are considering a sizeable
home addition or remodel
you would be foolish to undertake this without first having a Home Energy Audit performed.

  • A Home or Residential Energy Audit can save you 20%-30% and higher on your heating costs.
  • A Home Energy Audit can help you make substantial savings on your electricity bills.
  • A Home Energy Audit can increase the comfort of your home.
  • A Home Energy Audit can give you peace of mind.
  • A Home Energy Audit can improve the air quality of your home.
  • Reducing Our Dependence on Foreign Oil Starts at Home
  • An Energy Efficient Home can give you the edge over other homes when selling.

What is a Professional Home Energy Audit?

Thorough Inspection of Your Home - Basement to Attic - Inside and Out
Blower Door Test - Tests for Air Leakage
Infrared Camera Examination (Thermal Image)-see our
sample thermal images
Reported Estimated Costs "As Is" vs. Savings after improvements.

The average cost for heating oil last year was $3.60/gallon or $990.00 for a full tank.  If you use 1,000 gallons/yr.
which is $3,600.00 annually.  Saving 20% saves $720.00 per year.  That is $720.00 you could spend making your
home more energy efficient and at the same time increasing your home's property value.  By the way, 1,000 gallons of
heating oil is not normal.  I have taken my own advice in my own home which is 4,200 sq. ft., half of which is an old
farm home w/the other half being a new addition.  My heating expense for an average year is 300 gallons of oil and 3
tons of pellets. Using last years prices that is approximately $1,620.00 in heating fuel costs and that is with someone who
is 87 years old in my home.  If you have ever lived with an elderly individual you know that it can be 87 degrees and
they are still cold!



The equation is really is that simple!!
energy audit, energy, home energy audit
energy audit, energy, home energy audit
Thermal Image House
This is one your
propane dealer will
never tell you.  Clear
off all snow and ice
from your propane
will allow more
efficient use of your
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